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Welcome to Eos v3.1.0 Open Beta!

A word from our sponsor:

Our first feature release since the introduction of Augment3d, Eos 3.1.0 is focused on expanding customization in some major areas of the system. From user interfaces, to model visuals, to accessory management, our goal is to bring more flexibility to how you configure your working spaces – in service of putting the things you need at your fingertips, when you need them.

In addition to general bug-finding, the goal of this beta is to validate the usability of these new customizations – to make sure they fall under hand easily, and allow you to build out customizations that speed up your work.

Below is a quick overview of what’s included (or will be) in Eos 3.1.0. As this is beta, features are still in active development. Be sure to keep up with new builds and re-explore features often as they will certainly evolve with your feedback. Also, check in regularly on the New Features Forum for expanded guides on how to use these features.

Thanks for assisting in the beta process – we look forward to your feedback!


Linked headers indicate a New Feature Forum Post illustrating the new feature. (More links to come)

Color Coding indicates completion level of this feature: Red - Partially Implemented and still under development, Orange - Implementation Framework in place - but likely to be changing, Green - feature complete.

Custom Direct Selects:

Custom Direct Selects are now a target unto themselves. Just like other targets, CDSs are a list mapped to a grid, however it may be configured. As such, the CDS Editor tab (Tab 39) has a Preview grid, which you can adjust. On this grid you can also do large creation or editing projects. 

In a standard Direct Select tab when a Custom Direct Select is mapped, you still have access to append single ranges on the fly from a blank button or the command line.

Direct Select and Magic Sheet Icons:

Many of the targets that can be assigned to a Direct Select can now include a Direct Select Icon. These can be added to each target in their target list. Display of these icons can be configured per-bank in the Direct Select tab configuration menu. DS Icons can also be chosen as field for an object in a Magic Sheet, and is adjustable by changing the field’s font size. There will be stock icons provided in the software, as well as

Custom Encoder Mapping:

Custom Encoder Maps are a new target type. In the editor (Tab 40), you will be able to create and edit maps. Because custom encoder mapping is a mode, Encoder Maps consist of “stacks” of pages, which are navigated using the category paging buttons associated with the encoders. There are options for the additional two encoders and touchscreen on Eos Ti. In User settings, a default custom map can be defined, and fixture profiles can be paired with maps to use when those channels are selected.

Augment3d Color & Material Support:

Augment3d now contains support for changing colors of model objects, and mapping materials to their surfaces. When selecting an object, you will have the option to use a library color/material, or create a new version. Materials are referenced – so you can change the material and affect all objects that utilize it. There will be stock materials libraries provided in the software, as well as an expanded library available for download from the ETC website.

Fader Wing Grouping & Paging:

External fader wings and internal fader banks can now be joined into Fader Wing Groups. Within each group, all configuration and navigation will occur on all hardware in that group, while leaving other groups alone. Wing Groups are managed in Device Settings.

Brightness Settings:

Revamped brightness settings, with the ability to store three brightness presets. Press & hold [Displays] to adjust brightness from anywhere, or trigger “Extinguish” mode, which turns off all lighting and displays on and attached to the console. All presets and Extinguish can be learned into macros.


Other Improvements (but not limited to):

  • Undo: Undo history won’t purge on save.
  • Live/Blind (Tab 1): Resize columns in Live & Blind table view
  • Playback Status Display: Added Timecode column
  • Augment3d: Vectorworks Import static fixture shutter cuts are now included
  • Magic Sheets: tab key moves through fields (after first field is selected)
  • Magic Sheets: text field now useable on all objects
  • Magic Sheets: Cue Active/Pending Objects can now be linked to cue lists, instead of following the master fader
  • Fader Tab: option to display the master fader pair
  • Snapshots: Additional granularity and new defaults for storing Faders
  • Direct Selects: Groups highlight when channels are selected that are contained in that Group
  • Effects: [Shift] & [Effect] posts StopEffect to the command line
  • Effects: [Expand] & [Effect] opens Effects Status Display and Channel Effects (Tab 8)
  • Offset: Random Subgroups option in Offset
  • Offset: offset works inside and outside of Subgroups
  • Offset: offset can be used more than once in a selection command
  • OSC: Dedicated port (3037) for third-party OSC access, configured in the Shell
  • Setup: Target lists pop up when available
  • Network: ArtNet allowed on all NICs
  • Nomad: Add support for all available NICs
  • Virtual Media Server: “Server Out Behavior” parameter added to server profile
  • Icelandic keyboard support
  • Polish keyboard support

Eos Family Software Open Beta v3.1.0 Build 183 is Now Available:

Please be sure to read over the Build Report for a full listing of all the changes in Eos v3.1.0.  PC-Console and Mac download links below, please note these are pdf files with links to the files.  As always, do not share this Beta Software with anyone - they should register and make use of this Open Beta Forum.

Build Report - Replaced by b197

PC-Consoles Link - Replaced by b197

Mac Link - Replaced by b197