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I've been having a few issues getting this round of betas to install on my laptop. It fails during the Augment3d part of the install, as shown below:

There is 42GB of free space on the drive, so I think that is ok.

I couldn't find where the logs the message mentions might be - could you point me in the right direction, so I can send them to you?



  • Hi   if you have Eos v3.0.x or 3.1.0 installed on this machine, you can save the logs "in the normal ways" > Retrieving or Saving Log Files from Eos Family Consoles - Electronic Theatre Controls Inc  Either from the shell/ECU or from the Eos application (Browser > Logs).  

    If you have never installed Eos v3.x before, I would suggest installing 3.1.0 to see if it gives the same error.  If not, you can immediately save logs and it should include logs about your attempt to install 3.1.1.

  • I have emailed the logs directly to you, Matt.

    Having done a little more poking, I had managed to uninstall all the v3.x.x version on the computer, but it still wouldn't install. It appears that it might be having difficulty removing an old beta version when doing the update, as a version of Augment3d was still installed after the uninstall.

    With no version of v3 installed, I managed to install just Eos (without Augment3d) using the install extracted from the downloaded .exe, which is at least enough to get the logs.

    I'm going to see if I can get rid of the stuck version of Augment3d.

    I'm not sure if I'd successfully updated Eos after updating to W11 (from W10) or whether this problem appeared on the first Eos update after the W11 update. As it was coming from a beta version (3.1b201) it may not be relevant to release installs.

  • That was it. When I ran the Augment3d installer (extracted from the exe) it said it couldn't find the installer for the installed version of Augment3d. When I pointed it to an extracted version of that file, it completed that uninstall/install just fine.

    The main installer would then complete properly.

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