Paradigm Touchscreen Remote iPadOS version; iPad OS version 17.1.1 on 3rd generation iPad Pro

My remote stopped working.  It had been working since Paradigm software and touchscreens were upgraded in February 2022.  I suspect that settings were cleared or something else happened during an app update.

The web interface on the iPad to Paradigm is working so I know wireless network connection is good.  P-APC is, Touchscreen 1 is  Touchscreen 2 is a portable without IP address.

Checking Touchscreen 1, the Mobile App Settings are:  Mobile App Connection is On, Passcode is blank, Port is 49044

I've configured the iOS app with IP address and get the message:  Error connecting to P-TS7  Check IP or network settings.


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  • I don't have much new to report, but there has been one recent option to try that seems to have helped another customer: change the Gateway IP to match the IP of the router/WAP it's connecting through (of course this assumes you're entering in or some other value in the same subnet as the IP address you're assigning to the iPad). Please let me know if that has helped or not!

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