Mistake in Library - Cameo TS 200 FC


I've ordered 4 fixtures like this : https://www.cameolight.com/fr/solutions/dj-musiciens/eclairage-statique/projecteurs-de-theatre/20479/ts-200-fc

These are Cameo TS 200 FC

In the latest library of my ColorSource (16.0.5) the two last dmx modes are 11 & 13 channels, but on the dmx table from the manufacturer it says 12 & 14 channels ( https://www.cameolight.com/fr/downloads/file/id/966404022 )

The mistakes are the same in both situation:

- channel 2 (dimmer fine) is missing, but there is a gap in the patch, so it's not a problem for next channels (but is it a normal behaviour ?).

- last channel is missing in the library. In both case on the manufacturer DMX table, the last channel (12 & 14) is the device setting, and the previous one is the color mode crossfade time (that don't seem useful). So I think there should be a gap here too.

I give tou an example for the 12 channels version:

The manufacturer table:

1 Dimmer / 2 Dimmer Fine / 3 Strobe / 4 hue / 5 hue fine / 6 Saturation / 7 Sat. fine / 8 Color temp / 9 Tint / 10 color mix / 11 Color Mode crossfade / 12 device settings

The console library:

1 Dimmer / 2 Gap (unpatched)  / 3 Strobe / 4 hue / 5 hue fine / 6 Saturation / 7 Sat. fine / 8 Color temp / 9 Tint / 10 color mix / 11 device settings

So, is there a way to edit it by myself, or do I need to wait for an update ?

Thanks in advance !

  • I have tried to edit the fixture library, but I only can add the dimmer fine channel. If I move (on the 13 channels version) channel 13 to channel 14, everything seems to be fine in the patch, but I loose every parameters of this channel.Those parameters don't appear  in the CS Personality Editor neither.
    I've I tried to edit the file in the notepad, but I may have broke something : nor the console or the the editor can see the fixture.

  • At the time of writing ColorSource does not support 16 bit Intensity parameters, so the "Dimmer Fine" DMX slot is not used.

    At the time of this post, library 16.0.5 was more than six months out of date. The latest at the moment is 16.2.1.

    ColorSource Library updates may be found here: https://www.etcconnect.com/Products/Consoles/ColorSource/Software.aspx

    However it does appear that Cameo have deleted the 11ch HSI Fine and 13ch Direct modes and added two new modes with 12 and 14 slot footprints. Sadly they did not let us or Carallon know about the change.

    We will update the personalities to the "REV: 02" manual in the next few weeks, check for a newer version at the above link in a couple of weeks time.

  • Thank you Richard !

    I had not seen the library updates link, I thought those updates was included in the software releases.

    So, I understand that this kind of modification is impossible by myself with the personality editor ?...
    One more question : is there a way to subscribe to a channel to be aware of a new library release (or software) ?

    Thanks again ;o)

  • The CS personality editor doesn't currently support editing of Lamp Commands, and unfortunately this fixture has several of those so you won't be able to edit the existing personalities. (You can create new ones and put the commands in as normal ranges.)

    In normal times there are fixture library updates every one to two weeks - sometimes more often - as the thousand-or-so fixture manufacturers release new fixtures (and update existing ones) all the time. We don't announce these updates as it'd tend to drown everything else out, and most people only want to know when they're buying new fixtures.

    (Right now the cadence is slower for sadly obvious reasons.)

    Full software releases are (usually) announced on this forum, so you can subscribe to the forum if you'd like an email about it.

  • This fixture is updated in CS fixture library 16.2.2, which will be posted to the ETC website 'shortly'

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