Wrong Shutter Frame ASsembly Orientation in Augment


We have varying positions that require us to invert pan and / or tilt.
As a result we also need to invert the Frame Assembly.
Front of House Hanging Fixtures are rotated X,Y,Z 0,0,0.

Unfortunately Shutter Frame Assembly inverting doesnt Translate to Augment. 
So Rotating the Lamp in Augment Z=180 isnt an option. 
is this a bug or is it possible to manually tell Augment to update or invert the Shutter Frame Assembly?

We can get it to the point where orientation fits with reality, coordinates and the display encoders,
but not the Shutter Assembly Orientation in Augment. it always stays 1234

We read that the T1 M3 has an issue with an inverted Tilt Range,
which doesnt happen with our solas for example.
We also tried this for our solas, and would like to be able to have this oriented corrrectly in augment.

any help is much appreciated.