3d position and orientation of a fixture relative to bandoor visualisation

hi folks. we ve been experimenting with fpe calculation and positioning fuxtures in our 3d model. not considering our different approaches at some point we did set the position of a fixture manually and the orientation was clear (hanging down, and base orientation in correct direction relative to 0,0,0 point). the fixture did everything correct in visualisation relative to the real behavoir, but - the visualisation of the bandoors is flipped :-( my only guess at the moment is that the argument3d fixture bandors are flipped and it is not the orientation mistake. any advice? thanks in advance!

  • Could you post an example of what you mean?

  • sorry it took me too long to reply, due to lock downs etc...

    i hope this link is useable and sorry its in german but visually you will get an idea (the lamps shown are alpha spot 700 and robe bmfl's):


    my coworkers in other house have same issue with jb's p12. i also have to say that edge behavior is not correlating - unsharm on stage=sharp in arg-3d...

    and for almost every lamp i have to adjust  zoom values in fixture so it correlates visually in arg-3d.

    and a thought to go - we have "licht technik" pan til thing, it works fine in the left side of the stage, but on the right side of the stage they are mirrored in the pan movement. we did revers pan for the right side in patch befor 3.0 - is there a chance that arg-3d doesnt understand/read pan inversion from patch?

  • Thank you for the video.

    I think part of the issue that you are running into is also described here: Full curtain shutters in A3D on a Custom Fixture Profile

    The fixtures' thrust in Augment3d doesn't account for the full coverage of the beam (or near full coverage).

    For sharpness/zoom, it is possible the ranges do not match the fixture in reality. Would you be able to share the differences/corrections that you make to have them correspond?

    As for the pan inversion, it's possible that there is an issue there. The fixtures seem to be moving the correct direction, but I can see what you mean about the shutter ordering.

    Would you be willing to either post or PM me the show file from the video?

  • After investigation, here is what was found from the show file and related items:

    1. Some fixtures were affected by Full curtain shutters in A3D on a Custom Fixture Profile
    2. Some fixture profiles had zoom values that did not match the manufacturer's published information and those profiles have been submitted for updates
    3. The Pan Invert attribute is not being visualized when it is applied to part 2 or higher. This is being tracked as A3D-1774
    4. The shutter ordering and visualization not matching reality has been added to an ongoing ticket for improvements to that system.