Focus points are required to bring in conventional P/T data from VW correct?

Just looking for some clarification on this. I believe right now, if you want the P/T of conventionals to come in from VW, you need to use Focus Points correct? And you need to have those focus points visible during the export process?

Is there ever a world in which the P/T info could come in just from entering raw data in the P/T fields in the lights without needing to make focus points? For some systems, mainly sidelight, it's easier to just tilt all the lights across the stage, and then tweak the focus in Augmented. To have to create a bunch of Focus points to just shoot light across the stage is a little tedious. Wasn't sure if this would be a valid feature request.


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  • so I guess maybe this is a feature request then. Using the xyz to "focus" a light in VW is unintuitive because it ignores all clamp/yoke's much more intuitive to use the Pan/Tilt fields.  When you use a Focus Point, there is no data in the xyz rotation fields, so clearly Augmented is able to read that P/T data. Perhaps in the future, Augmented could read that data without needing to have the Focus Points?