OSC - subscribe not working reliably

This is really frustrating. It is so complicated to get Pan/Tilt out of EOS.
It would be easy if .. Feature Request to get params
But as it stands the only way is to Subscribe to those parameters, then select a channel in question, then wait for the reply. Correct??

For me this only works if I leave pauses in-between the requests (~0.25sec) and if nothing else keeps EOS busy. As soon as I'm trying to pull Pan/Tilt (from a number of fixtures) while other processes happen, EOS does never reliably reply to all the requests. No matter how long the pauses I leave between those.
Isn't this a bug and can it be fixed?

Is there any other way to pull Pan/Tilt?

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  • Delivery of packets via UDP is not guaranteed.

    You might want to investigate a TCP connection. You can set a custom TCP port in the Show Control in System>Show Control>OSC>OSC TCP Server Ports, or use the default port for TCP of 3032.

  • Thanks, I'll look into it!

    I've been wondering tho: if those missing replies are already missing in EOS' diagnose view (outgoing OSC) then it probably is not a UDP/TCP issue, isn't it?

  • Which packets are being dropped?

  • I send "eos/user/0/newcmd" with "Chan xx#" for all channels (xx for channel number). The reply is a couple of infos (wheels, subscribed params, etc.).
    This reply sometimes randomly dropped.

  • I don't work for ETC, but OSC output is not guaranteed.

    "newcmd" is incredibly process heavy and depending on many factors (hardware, network, OSC input rate, phase of the moon, current outputs) I would not be surprised to see undesirable and inconsistent OSC output because of this. If you can get away with cmd, you might have better results.

    I would also recommend not using user 0 as it can be interrupted by macros and other things. You should create a user specifically for your OSC connection.

  • Thanks for the tips!
    I tried both (different user, even iterating through users), but no avail. It remains unreliable.

  • So, I guess this qualifies as a bug report.
    How does one report bugs here (don't see a specific forum), any way to get an admin's attention?

  • What's the rate at which you're sending messages to Eos?

  • I'd try halving it until you stop losing packets.

    Just to point out, anything that uses /cmd or /newcmd assumes it will be posted to a command line and interacted with by a user. So try and stay within the speed at which a user would type and execute commands!

  • Sadly I never found a reliable and practical solution for this.

    So, whoever manages to read until here and sees a need for a better solution for the above problem: please consider supporting this feature request for 3.2.0.

  • Hi   in 3.2.0 (currently in open Beta) there is support for a command of /eos/get/params/<channel> which replies like this:

    [ 12:00:03 ] [12:00:03] OUT [] [OSC Packet] /eos/get/params/1
    [ 12:00:03 ] [12:00:03] IN [] [OSC Packet] /eos/out/get/params/1, ETC Fixtures(s), Releve Spot Direct(s), Intens(s), 55.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Pan(s), 139.000(f), -270.000(f), 270.000(f), Tilt(s), 72.000(f), -135.000(f), 135.000(f), X Focus(s), 0.000(f), -1000.000(f), 1000.000(f), Y Focus(s), 0.000(f), -1000.000(f), 1000.000(f), Z Focus(s), 0.000(f), -1000.000(f), 1000.000(f), Position MSpeed(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 255.000(f), Red(s), 86.891(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Lime(s), 100.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Green(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Blue(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Hue(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 360.000(f), Saturatn(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Gobo Ind/Spd(s), 0.000(f), -301.000(f), 301.000(f), Gobo Select(s), 0.500(f), 0.500(f), 1.500(f), Gobo Ind/Spd 2(s), 0.000(f), -100.000(f), 300.000(f), Gobo Select 2(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Iris(s), 100.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Edge(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Zoom(s), 18.000(f), 18.000(f), 54.000(f), Shutter Strobe(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 255.000(f), Diffusion(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 100.000(f), Form MSpeed(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 255.000(f), Beam MSpeed(s), 0.000(f), 0.000(f), 255.000(f)

    So for each parameter it gives the name, the current value, the min, and the max.

    This is not to say that it would not be good to support requesting individual parameters' levels as well.

    I will also caution that just like your method above, this returns the current Live levels, not any blind ones.

  • Wow, amazing!! Thank you so much! Will check this out asap..

    (Individual parameter requests could help to reduce information overhead - but that would be icing the cake)

  • I agree that individual parameters will help much more, also the information which category to indicate if the channel is selected (category = 0)

  • Tested and found working like a charm. So nice!