Element Console Unable to connect to network

Hi All,

We have an original Element-40 at our small theatre,

I am attempting to connect it to a network in order to run Capture and ETCNomad Mirroring. The Element does not appear to be recognising the network at all. In addition, every time I change the network settings, it resets after I press apply. I have a fair bit of experience both with these consoles and with networking, but this is very confusing to me. 

Please help!



  • Do you have a network switch in line?  If not, then what order items come online could be playing in.  A network switch means you have an active network connection right away.  If the Element doesn't see a network as it launches the program, it says "ok, I'll go offline on that port, no network available."  If you don't have a switch, and the Element boots up before the Capture computer, there is no connection.  Then you boot the Capture computer and it doesn't know to look again for an active connection.

  • I'm using a WiFi router (netgear, pretty much the cheapest one money could buy) as a switch.

  • What IP addresses have been assigned by the router to the console and the other pc.

    Probably one is using dhcp and got an address and the other is set to something fixed and is not in the same network from IP perspective.  

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