Element Console Unable to connect to network

Hi All,

We have an original Element-40 at our small theatre,

I am attempting to connect it to a network in order to run Capture and ETCNomad Mirroring. The Element does not appear to be recognising the network at all. In addition, every time I change the network settings, it resets after I press apply. I have a fair bit of experience both with these consoles and with networking, but this is very confusing to me. 

Please help!



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  • I've seen routers being used as a switch filter out multicast traffic, which we are using to send data to the capture software.  This might be the issue.  If the router has a setting to disable any filtering the I would try that. Otherwise I suggest using a true switch or hub instead.

  • Just tried it with an unmanaged 5 port cisco switch - No luck. Also, the element still does not hold any network settings that I select. Is it possible there's an issue with the desk itself? Perhaps a low-level firmware lock or similar that isn't allowing me to change these settings.