No GO until cue complete

Quick one hopefully:

Have a cue which is dependent on an actor’s actions which changes because it’s largely improv, and I have no way of making them do it the same every time Joy. To explain further:

Cue 1 has a gen wash and blue backlight

Cue 2 is gen wash and orange backlight 

Cue 3 is spot with red backlight

The colour path transition between Cue 1 and 2 is really important, but Cue 3 is a snap to spot with backlight. So what I would like to do is still be able to snap to the spot once the cue is given, but to allow the blue - orange transition to carry on until complete and then go into red if we’ve moved to Cue 3 before it’s completed. How can I achieve this?

I hope what I’m after makes sense! 

  • Like, you want something to happen on top of and independent of the normal cue transition? Do you think putting the "pop up" onto a sub would do the trick?

  • Happy with the sub idea and have got that on standby, just wondered if there was a way of doing it in the cue stack. Basically want to tell the desk “If I move into Cue 3 from Cue 2, don’t do the Cue 2 -> 3 colour transition until the 1 -> 2 colour transition has completed if it hasn’t already done so.” The joys of LX cues for Improv Theatre! Joy But happy to just do subs; just out of curiosity asking if it’s possible within cues. 

  • Well the "Multiple Cue List" might be a place to look. I sometimes use a Phillips Strand where multiple lists seem to be encouraged. But I never really understood them or where one would use them probably because we're a theater and just drive a show through a single cue list.

  • Nothing elegant. I'm sure you could find a way to fire a macro at the beginning of cue 2 that unmaps your cuelist and with that also your Go-button. And when cue 2 completes put everything back again. But as I said, nothing elegant :)

  • what about this:

    in cue 3 only add the spot with the right timing

    record an extra cue in a second cuelist with only the red backlight in it.

    set the fader next to your go button to be the control for this second cue list, so you´ll have the go button for the second cue list next to your normal go button.

    the you can decide to run the spot and the red backlight together by pressing both go buttons, or independend.

  • Is it not just:

    1 blue backlight

    2 orange backlight

    3 spot only

    4 red backligt 

    If q1 and 2 is done, hit go two times. If not, one time.

    Track will keep running the fade if the BL do not have a move instruction in cue 3.

  • if the slight delay for pressing go the second time doesn´t matter, this will work too.

  • could make a "go to cue 4" macro that the operator execute if cue 2 is done instead of cue 3.

  • Its a little complex but if you make cue 2 fire a cue in another cue list say 2/2 and on that cue set the follow time to match your cue 2 timing.

    That means in the that cue list the following cue 2/3 can then have an exec of a macro on it that will fire when your original cue 2 transition is complete.  Let says this is macro 2 and on cue 3 on the main list make it fire macro 3.

    So you now have one macro that fires on the transition completion of cue 2 and another that fires on the GO into cue 3

    The next bit sounds complicated but isn't really.

    You can then setup macro 2 to copy macro 4 to macro 3  having initially setup macro 3 to copy macro 4 to macro 2.

    What that means is if cue 2 has completed its transition before they hit GO then when they GO it will run macro 4 but if they hit go before cue 2 completes then when 2's transition completes macro 4 will run.

    So then you can make macro 4 do the snap to red etc.

    On cue 1 you would fire a macro that arms all of this  ie  sets up the initial conditions of macro 2 and macro 3  so they do the copies described above (you'd do that by that macro copying in say macro 5 to macro 2 and 6 to macro 3)