Bug with GoToCue 0 over riding virtual faders by reloading them with a different cue which causes black outs.

Hello, I have found a bug and would like to report it. I am working in Multiple Cue lists on a Nomad, sometimes much to my chagrin when I press Back on one Fader to go to it's Cue 0 and Play on another Fader before the move is finished - That Cue I expect to load instead of loading I get a black out because the Fader I pressed Back to get to Cue 0 on Loads into both the Faders. I was just reading through the manual and was reading about [Go To Cue 0] & [Load] and as soon as I tried it instead of going to Cue 0 on my Cues 900/1 and 901/1 it loaded Cue 1/1- I took a screen shot. You can see Cue List 900 and 901 Fader is blank on the Cue List Index, on the Fader page you can see they have both been replaced by Cue 1/1 and in the Fader list you can see it says the Cue's are still assigned to the Faders I assigned them to. 

  • I'd also like to refer you to this post I made a few months ago please, https://community.etcconnect.com/control_consoles/eos-family-consoles/f/eos-family/32252/one-virtual-fader-won-t-clear-the-other-ones-work-normally

    I forgot to mention that when this happens and the Faders over write each other, I can not unload the Fader without following the tip I got from ueliriegg

  • It happened again today. I sat loaded EOS, did [Cue 300/ Copy to Cue 900/] then loaded Cue 900/ to Fader 9/1, then [Cue 301/ Copy to Cue 901/] and loaded it to Fader 9/2, then [Cue 302/ Copy to Cue 902/] and loaded it to Fader 9/3

    I pressed play on virtual Fader 9/1 and the Cue played as expected, then I pressed back to clear the cue and the cue went out as expected.
    I pressed play on virtual Fader 9/2 and the Cue played as expected, and I left the cue up because that's where we were going to start the day.

    I then pressed play on virtual Fader 9/3 and instead of playing Cue 902/1 that I loaded to the Fader, the Fader loaded Cue 900/1 Instead.

    I unloaded the fader and tried to load cue list 902/ again, The console says that cue list 902/ is loaded to the fader again. I press play again and again the Fader changes from Cue list 902/ to Cue list 900/

    I go into the Fader Display tab, I type Delete 9/3 and then Load cue 902/ again. This time when I press play, Cue 902/1 plays (as "expected")

  • I'm having trouble replicating this. Could you post your show file?