making a spread of colour palettes . . . .

another tech showed a quick way of making multiple CP through a blind Hue command.  I can't quite remember all the bits.  Can someone help?

What I remember:

in live, grab the lead By-type channel so Select Last works.

CP CP to open CP list.  CP 401 through through 430 enter to make the empty CPs.

select last hue 0 through 340 enter

something like that should make  30 CP with each CP offset from the last as the HUE rolls around the colour wheel.

what am I missing?

thanks everyone.

  • You're very close! Example below. For this example, Chan 4116 is the by-type channel for the color pallets

    • [Blind]
    • [Color Palette] [401] [Thru] [430] [Enter]
    • [4116] {Hue} [0] [Thru] [340] [Enter]
  • Thanks

    I got it to work, but it needs 401 thru THRU 430.


    4116 Saturation Full Enter ("why are all the CPs white????")

    4116 by-type enter  to make it the by-type channel

    Cheers Jake

  • I just cannot get this to work. This does sound valuable, it would be nice to get working



    Color Palette 401 thru thru 430 enter

    4116 saturation full enter

    4116 hue 0 thru 340 enter

    4116 by type enter 

    I still get a bunch of blank CPs.

    Any help is appreciated. I feel like I am so close.

  • If you are working in blind this should not result in blank data...can you see values in the channel tiles after any part of this?

  • Thank you for the assistance.


    Nomad 2.9.0

    I am actually using channel 11, a Seachanger of 4 addresses with a part 2 of 1 address for the dimmer, it is the first of 8 like channels. Channel 11 has hue and saturation parameters that are adjustable. I have also tried another channel for a 5 parameter LED with the same results.


    Color Palette 401 thru thru 430 enter (creates the CPs)

    11 saturation full enter (ch. 11 shows up in active channels blind table but only GCMY, no hue or saturation)

    11 hue 0 thru 340 enter (similar as saturation, when 11 is cleared from the command line blind table active is blank without channels)

    by type does not help anything. 

  • to use Hue/Sat in the command line while in Blind you will need to activate Setup>System>System {Create Virtual HSB}

  • 1. after making the palettes, I need to go to live and back to blind, so the next # entered is a channel number and not a CP #.  you will need to re-select CP401 thru 430 again.

    2. don't know if it makes a difference, but I do Hue first then Saturation.  I use the buttons on the CIA. 

    if you don't see H&S on the channel Table, make sure H&S are turned on in the settings (the console needs to fake H&S if it is not native to LED units).


  • regarding 1: if you need to leave and re-enter blind, then you have been in the wrong place from the start. you went into the Color Palette List ([ColorPalette][ColorPalette]), but should have gone to Blind and typed [ColorPalette] 401 [Thru][Thru] 430 [Enter].

  • Yup, (create virtual HSB) that worked. Thank you.