Move while Dark

Messing around to get better acquainted with some of the columns in the PSD. Particularly toward the right, with columns headed M B A P m/v and R.

So I made a cue with a single ML pointing DSL. That cue was copied to cue 2, turned the ML's intensity Off and updated. Now made a cue 3 where my ML pointed USR at 100%, Works like it should: Cue one OK. Cue two the light goes out but in Augment3d we can see the ML move its head (because Automark 'looked' ahead). Then, when Cue 3 came up we were pointing to the right place for the light to come up on. Terrific. Great all as expected. But! I would have thought I would have seen a D in the m/v column telling me we made a 'move while dark' but apart from the M (Mark) in the 1st column in the group I don't see anything. Why?    

  • D's are shown when you program a change in non-intensity parameters (NPs) while the light is off.  you can only get a D if you have two cues with both 0% intensity and  both cues have something blue in the NPs. you could expect an L, because that's when while moving intensity up from 0% or down to 0% you also have a change in NPs. but also this requires two cues with something blue in the NPs. which you don't have.

  • I am diligently following you but running into problems right at the start with "  the "D" when two cues have blue in the NPs". In a most pedantic way I made a new show file with only a single ML (KISS).

    I recorded 2 cues whereby the ML isn't touched (as my real bass line). Now, I copy cue 2 to cue 3 to make sure there is no difference to start off with but while in cue 3 change only the color to red and update my cue. Cue 4 is a copy of Cue 3. 

    In the PSD I have a nice flat baseline for cue 1 and 2. Then, as expected we see the change to the color in blue and back in the PSD the magic "D". But the next cue (4) we see pink for 'nothing has changed' (as expected). So in this case we are not seeing blue in two cues.

    Cues 1 - 4 were copied to cues 11 - 14. This time cue three set the INT to FL. We see one cue (13) in blue as expected but I I was expecting a "L in the PSD because I moved the intensity. (The later part is not in the picture but the only blue in 11 -14 is the FL in Intens)

  • you're right.

    D: you need a tracked 0 (magenta minus) and something blue
    L: you need movement from 0 to an intensity or from an intensity to 0 and something blue.

  • Still in search of that illusive "L" the previous show file was cleared of repetitive clues. The experiment was continued with, this time in cue 13, both a move in intensity and focus. Things worked as expected in Augment3d but that sneaky "L" is not present. It may be the way I'm reading things. I found the 'notes' column interesting because I originally made all cues from cue 1 (for homogeneity) so this is cute and assuming 13 lost the note because of a later change. I had never noticed this 'autofill' before. Cute!

  • Chan 1 is a LED RGB
    Cue 1: Chan 1 @ Full, color=red
    Cue 2: Chan 1 @ 0, color= blue

    -> L

  • Yep. Got it that time. Thank you. My "L" is up!