Move while Dark

Messing around to get better acquainted with some of the columns in the PSD. Particularly toward the right, with columns headed M B A P m/v and R.

So I made a cue with a single ML pointing DSL. That cue was copied to cue 2, turned the ML's intensity Off and updated. Now made a cue 3 where my ML pointed USR at 100%, Works like it should: Cue one OK. Cue two the light goes out but in Augment3d we can see the ML move its head (because Automark 'looked' ahead). Then, when Cue 3 came up we were pointing to the right place for the light to come up on. Terrific. Great all as expected. But! I would have thought I would have seen a D in the m/v column telling me we made a 'move while dark' but apart from the M (Mark) in the 1st column in the group I don't see anything. Why?    

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