[bug] Cannot change virtual intensity home value in patch with WwCw LED fixture

Earlier today I tried to create a multicell fixture from WwCw LED cells, but found that I could not change the home values for the cells' virtual Intens from zero.  This seems to be blocked for the generic WwCw LED fixture type entirely, whether multicell or not, and whether I used the one from the library or created it from scratch.  Is that intentional?   It would be very useful to make simple multicell fixtures from the basic building block fixtures like WwCw LED, and being able to set the default intensity full for the cells is an important step.

  • since you're not creating a new fixture type that has master and cells you can't change the dependency setting ("mastered cells") which would set the cell intensities to full. but you can easily use the home preset to set your cells' intensity to full.

  • The "mastered cells" setting could be changed, but it had no effect, so maybe that's a bug-within-the-bug making the user think it was doing something.

    The same behavior occurred whether the fixture was mastered or not--in a simple WwCw fixture, you cannot set home for virtual intensity to anything but zero.  But for other types of fixtures with virtual intensity, eg RGB, you can, and that different behavior is what threw me and smelled buggy.

    I considered using a home preset but it's not a great solution for the use I had in mind

  • please post a screenshot of how you patched the channel (patch list, not the fixture editor).

  • The essential bug is the inability to change home for intensity in a Generic LED WwCw fixture (and other similar fixtures), and is very easily recreated by trying to edit those fixture types.  The multicell aspect is unrelated, but it's how I discovered it.  Do you need to see a screenshot of channel one patched to address one?

  • My apologies, that came off far spicier than I intended--I had a rough day.  What I meant was, I don't think a screenshot of a basic patch is going to add anything.

  • thanks for the clarification!

    depending on how you patched the multicell there could be a multicell solution. but yes, there is no solution for a regularly patched channel.

  • I very much do appreciate your interest in trying to help.  It was a pretty simple multicell... master cell with virtual intensity only, and five WwCw cells, to control LED bicolor tape lighting shelves in ten identical bookcases.  Two addresses per cell, ten total, for the Warm and Cool parameters.  I tried everything but there really isn't much to try given how simple the fixture is.  Home for virtual intensity in a WwCw fixture just doesn't want to be anything except zero.

    This is for a TV show which has resumed production after shutting down over the 180-day weekend, for a set that probably won't get used more than a few days at most.  So the show file has been built for a while and I want the fingerprint for a temporary set to be as light as possible.  We did update our consoles to 3.0 however because it's so damned good!  I might go for the home preset after all though since conserving channel numbers is important too...