Feature Request: ArtNet 4 Unicast


I have to control 3500 single RGBW-Leds and use 8-port ArtNet - DMX controller. Every controller with it's own IP and 8 DMX-universes (0-7).

I have to use Resolume Arena, Enttec Elm or Madrix, cause my Gio@5 has 48 universes but cannot address the ArtNet controller. I can't use

ETC-Gateways, cause 8 ArtNet-controller for 64 universes costs les than 1000€ (the price of one 4-port ETC gateway). Is there a way in the near

future to add ArtNet 4 to the Eos software ?

Thanks in advance


  • What controllers are you using that EOS's artnet won't talk to them?  I haven't come across a pixel controller that only utilizes artnet 4.

    The universe thing will be an issue though, Madrix/Resolume or any media server can process many more universes because they aren't nesting or referencing any other data simultaneously.

  • The controller I use is  https://www.ulrichradig.de/home/index.php/dmx/art-net-pixel-con-neu and my Gio@5 talks to it.

    Every ArtNet 4 Controller has it's own IP-Adress to change the block of 8 Universes, so in Eos I can only use the first

    8 Universes.

  • The major change in Art-Net 4 was the deprecation of Art-DMX.
    In Art-Net 4 the legacy Art-DMX is replaced by sACN multicast (ANSI E1.31), which is the default DMX-over-ethernet protocol on Eos.

    If they are truly Art-Net 4, then enable sACN mode on them and you're up and away.

  • but not in unicast, right? eos doesn't support sACN unicast

  • Correct. We don't use unicast because it's impossible to fault-find

  • Unicast sACN has been requested before, and I don't think this is a request that should be ignored... Many "other guys" have been able to implement it just fine. Sure, it makes troubleshooting more difficult, but if you're using unicast sACN you're probably also able to do things like port mirroring to troubleshoot.

  • Are you saying that changing the IP to .99 (.98 default) will change to the next block of 8?  Their website says these settings are controllable through dmx-workshop, have you explored that?

  • I can only adjust universe 1 to 8 in the controller software. The starting point of the universes get the controller via the ip adress. MA's Grandma is since years able to adress unicast Artnet-Nodes, why is it for ETC such a problem, cause a lot of people in the forum asking for that feature.

  • I've changed th IP adresses to til Subnet I use only 4-5 ports per node. I now use Resolume Arena and everything works fine.

  • That's good to hear it's working.  Their manual implies you should be able to change the universes it is listening to through the website or dmxworkshop.  In Resolume you can set unicast IPs but generally that doesn't change the way the receiver/decoder works. It still listens to everything and filters it's subscription.

    On large rigs the unicast definitely helps keep traffic down once you are at 5-10 links in a network, and I hope it is implemented some day, but I also haven't seen a noticeable problem to 30-40 uni of pixels from EOS yet.  And if I did it would be more with the lack of a sync signal which only a program like Madrix runs.

  • cause a lot of people in the forum asking for that feature.

    i can't find any other request for ArtNet4 unicast in the forum and only one other for ArtNet4. there are currently more requests for sACN unicast...

  • Unicast sACN will be O.K., cause my nodes work with both. The difference ArtNet has no licence fees.

  • That's not correct.
    The difference is that sACN is an ANSI Standard (ANSI E1.31-2014), while Art-Net is a proprietary royalty-free specification.

    The main effect of this difference is that the Art-Net specification usually changes without notice or public discussion - it's driven by the project and marketing needs of Artistic Licence.
    sACN changes very slowly, with plenty of notice, cross-industry discussion and periods of public review.

    The sACN Standard is available for free here: https://tsp.esta.org/tsp/documents/published_docs.php

    As to your problem:

    From your description, your LED controller does not appear to comply with the minimum requirements for any version of Art-Net or sACN. I'm that can't be correct.

    Art-Net 1 required configuration of Sub-Net (global) and Universe (per DMX port), while the Art-Net 3 and 4 specifications require support of Art-DMX Net, Sub-Net (per block) and Universe (per DMX port).

    Excerpt from the Art-Net 4 specification (rev DD, Jan 2017, page 6):

    This means that any Node will have:
    - One “Net” switch.
    - One “Sub-Net” switch.
    - One “Universe” switch for each implemented DMX512 input or output

    A product designer may opt to implement these as hard or soft switches.

    You should contact your supplier about this, and ask them to clarify how to configure the receiving sACN Universe numbers or Art-DMX Net, Sub-Net and Universe numbers.

    I'm sure that any reputable supplier will be glad to help you find and configure the Universe settings on your device.

  • Having taken the support calls... No, they don't!

    Unicast requires a completely different configuration and patching system, and there aren't any fault-finding tools we can offer to help with that.

    It's something we'll continue to consider for future versions of course, however it is not a 'small' thing and many (probably most) users do find it extremely confusing.

  • Errr. That's like saying you're going to decline to sell a stereo with a car because some people crash when changing the station!