Bug : sacn disabled

Hello !

It happened twice in two days on our Ti V3.0.0 : the SACN output viewer has been disabled and classic iRFR access denied.

The first time, the touch of the left touch screen did not work anymore.

A software reboot resolved the problem.

Thank you


  • this sounds a bit like a networking problem. what's your network infrastructure?

  • A very simple one :
    Just the primary console and a wifi transmitter for the iRFR.
    We use the classic app to display cues for the lighting designer.

  • Is the clock on the Ti correct?  When was the last time this occurred (Date and Time if you know it)?

  • Yes, the clock of the console is correct. But that of the ipad is not.
    It happened today and yesterday. I don't remember the exact hour. Maybe you could find this information in the logs ?

  • The logs contain a whole lot of information and we often use the date and time the incident occurred to narrow down the scope of the data we have to analyze.  Could you perhaps narrow it down to a day or range of days?

  • It happened today morning and yesterday afternoon

  • Thank you.  We will take a look at the logs and see if we can find anything, though I agree with Ueli that it sounds like a network issue.

  • Hello , I have looked through your Eos log files.  I am guessing that the problems happened at ~ 17 Dec 2020: 15:00 and 18 Dec 2020: 11:00.  I guess that because on Thursday the 17th someone restarted the console around 15:00, and on Friday the 18th the logs were exported at that time.

    I do not see any obvious signs of a problem in the logs.  For instance, it did not log a change in the network connection (which it would if that cable got unplugged or if the wifi transmitter rebooted).  

    If your lights get sACN via the wifi transmitter, I wonder if that stopped working for some reason.  Perhaps the next time this happens, you could try rebooting that transmitter.  If that doesn't work, you could try exiting to the Welcome Screen and starting again as Primary / Principal to see if that corrects the issue.

    If this happens again, would you also please press [Displays] + [Record] at the moment it happens?  This places a message in the logs that we can look for.

    Thank you,


  • Hello

    It happened again this morning, when we started the console.

    I pressed [Displays] + [Record] and took a picture of the screen of the ipad.

    A reboot of the software corrected the issue.



  • Hello Gaetan,

    I see that the console was booted up at 8:20:41am.  Its network port listed itself Online at 8:20:51, then Offline at 8:21:00.  The Eos software was started, then part-way through the startup the network port became Online again (8:21:06).  In that situation, sACN would not be output and RFR connections cannot be made.

    To avoid this problem, I recommend that you set your port to Required ("Requis" en francais).  The console will display a warning and will wait for that connection to be good before starting the software.  

  • Hello
    I checked "required" in the setup.
    It worked fine for a few days, but not today.
    I wonder if the problem is with this particular showfile.
    In January we move on to another show, so we'll see if the problem persists.

    Thank you for your help, and have a nice New Year's Eve