Why does the first Go on a cue list include an Assert?

I hate when I have manual data that gets lost when pressing Go on a cue list. I want to be able to have a Cue list in my show that has no effect at all on anything other than a specific channel. Is this even possible?


  • Sorry, I know this is an old post, but I have an answer that may help you.

    In the fader config for your cue list, if you do a channel filter for only the channel(s) that are in the cues, then running the cues will not affect any manual data on any other channels.

    (I too have been annoyed with losing manual data on a Go.  I busk movers with manual commands, but have the houselights on a cue list.  My intensities are always on subs, so I didn't know/remember that intensities fade out. With NIPs, they lose manual status and the reference labels disappear, but the parameter values don't change... so the show isn't affected, just my ability to know what that fixture is doing exactly.)

  • Thanks for contributing! Handy tip!

    I am basically asking for an official explanation for why this should be the default behaviour, because it’s very unintuitive and hard to work around. If there’s a good reason for it, then great, maybe I can work it into my workflow - but as of now it’s only causing me a lot of problems due to unexplainable behaviour.

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