Add Zoom, Edge to Focus Palette

I would like Focus palettes to store Zoom and Edge information in it. I would like to see this as an option in User settings.

This would save me from having to use a macro for selective preset recording (and thus not using a hard key on the console) every time I want to store a position.

It makes little sense to just store pan and tilt info, because the zoom has an influence on the actual position; SL full body is a different position than SL head.

Also, the edge needs to change depending on where on stage your light hits, because of the change in distance.

I can imagine you do not want to break current workflows, but please make this into an option in settings.

I have made a feature request for this idea here:

 Add Zoom, Edge to Focus Palettes (as User Setting)  

I saw there were up votes as well as down votes so I thought it would makes sense to bring the discussion to the main forums and hear what others have to say.