SGM G Spot, G Spot Turbo

Can I get an updated profile for the SGM G Spot Extended, and the GSpot Turbo Extended Comp?

The profile in the desk is a bit off.



SGM_G_Spot_DMX_Chart_REV_16.pdfDMX+Protocol_G-Spot_Turbo_Rev_2 (1).pdf

Parents Reply
  • The team has found the following while comparing the provided profiles and would like to confirm those are the changes you are looking for:

    • SGM - G Spot Extended
    • SGM - G Spot Standard
    • SGM - G Spot Turbo Extended
    • SGM - G Spot Turbo Extended Comp
    • SGM - G Spot Turbo Standard
    • SGM - G Spot Turbo Standard Comp


    Requested changes:

    1. Reverse zoom from “8 to 43” degrees to “43 to 8”
    2. Change default of Beam Fx Index/Speed to 0 (from 66)
    3. Change default of Strobe to 10 (from 255)

    Shutter Strobe from the manual either default “Open” is correct

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