Chan 289 & 290 & Boom 2 SL

I'm having a couple of difficulties with the "Advanced" project.  Specifically in focussing conventionals

I can't get the shots for the lanterns on Boom 2 on Stage left.  For example here's the Fixture POV for ch 253 and the Focus Note for it.  In A3D I can't see most of the staircase on SR that is supposed to be the target for this lantern.  Are the positions in A3d correct or are some "mistakes" intended to be found?

Also the last focus note is for Arri Window, channels 289 and 290.  neither of those channels are in Patch.

  • Hi all, I’ve re-read and re-read this thread to try and understand what I need to move but I just can’t get my head round it! For Ch253 even if I move a columnl (24) and a wall (24) out the way I’m still presented with a bit of the set model in the way...... what crazily obvious thing am I missing? Is the actual physical position of the fixture wrong??? 

  • ujamesck - I didn't change the physical positions of any fixtures.  For Ch 253 I needed to move a wall object slightly downstage (and maybe make it slightly narrower) and I was then able to get pretty close to the shot as in the focus notes.  Here's what my Ch253 looks like - probably not perfect but reasonably close.  The red lines are the edges of the piece of "columnl" that I moved. In my showfile it is the 6th entry in the Group: columns - it is now at Position (3.6981, -18.155, -8.8981) and has Size (1.1712, 3.3398, 9.2756)

  • Ah thank you! I obviously have notifications turned off for this forum as didn't see your reply! Thank you! I shall try and work with those hints when I next get to the desk I've left it all on! :) 

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