Reading conventional focus charts

Hi All I just had a quick question about the conventional focus paperwork, 

For instants Ch.179 

US Edge +20 ( this means that the Upstage edge of the gobo is at +20 feet correct?

under the picture there is 11R - 2R ( dose this mean that the centre of the Gobo is at 11 feet upstage and 2 feet stage right? 

With Ch. 148 it's 8 feet upstage with the Scallop @ 4 feet stage right, What is a Scallop?

Going to be doing this with some students and what to be sure I have the right answers to their questions 

thanks John 

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  • This is possibly a reference to a specific part of the gobo that they are cutting to with that onstage cut, or just a mistype. Or another reference point like perhaps scenery / a part of the show deck / something that isn't provided in this version of the paperwork explicitly.

    However, you can see in the focus chart that while the full span of the template would be from 8'-0" SR to 16'-0" SR (and this is how they'd center the beam before making any cuts), the onstage cut is actually made at about 10'-0" SR.

    In this case, it appears as if they've kept the shutter cut pretty much straight US/DS. As opposed to following one of the "natural lines" within the template that is projected onto the deck. That being said, look at the image for G125. I'd say that our channel in question here has it's onstage cut lined up pretty carefully with a certain line in ch. 125's temp. So that's what I'd personally try and match.

    Hope that helps!

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