Augmented3D Only - Invert Pan/Tilt

There needs to be a pan and tilt invert option for Augment3D only (the same way you can invert the pan/tilt visuals in moving light display)

The issue I had this past week, is that I tried to add Augmented to the show after we already started writing cues. The issue is that the profile for the mover I was using (Elation Artiste Picasso) didn't match what was happening in the real world. (yes I was using the latest fixture patch) The pan was inverted in A3D from real life. Inverting the pan in patch wasn't a solution because it was still the opposite in A3D (also I didn't want to affect the show).

I could have done a custom profile that inverted the dmx values of pan, but as I said, we had already started righting cues.

If I just had the option to invert pan in A3D, i could have actually used it without changing anything in the show.

I am putting this here instead of the suggested features forum because, without this feature, A3D was unusable in my situation.

  • Hi  ,

    The Elation Artiste Picasso has an onboard setting for reversing/inverting the pan and tilt parameters individually. It is very likely that was set in your case and was the cause of the inversion as Eos/Augment3d agreed on the fixture parameters but the fixture didn't.

    In your case, since you had already started programming the show with the settings as they were, there isn't currently a way to correct for your issue. We recommend, of course, that you resolve these conflicts prior to programming but it is understandable that you didn't have the opportunity to do so.

    As this is a request for a new feature, I am moving this thread to the feature request area to hopefully gain more votes for it to be implemented sooner in the future. I have also logged a corresponding ticket in our backlog.