Raspberry Pi / Arduino OSC Cue Display


I've been thinking for a while about how to do this and drawn blanks so maybe someone here has a solution or can point me in the right direction?

Essentially I would like a RPi or Arduino sitting on the network, which displays incoming OSC packets from an IP address as a readable Q Number on an interface (looking at /eos/out/cue/xx/ presumably). I've thought about TouchOSC on an iPad or Android, but would prefer to use the RPi/Arduino sitting around as they're also cheaper.

Any thoughts / suggestions would be appreciated



  • It should possible on both platforms. There are OSC libraries for both platforms. The main difference is that a Raspi have an OS
    and also network hardware (WIFI, LAN) on board. With an Arduino you must do many things with hardware (adding LAN/WIFI boards and display
    hardware), but it is very fast, you don't need booting an OS...
    Have look to the lighthack project.