No GO until cue complete

Quick one hopefully:

Have a cue which is dependent on an actor’s actions which changes because it’s largely improv, and I have no way of making them do it the same every time . To explain further:

Cue 1 has a gen wash and blue backlight

Cue 2 is gen wash and orange backlight 

Cue 3 is spot with red backlight

The colour path transition between Cue 1 and 2 is really important, but Cue 3 is a snap to spot with backlight. So what I would like to do is still be able to snap to the spot once the cue is given, but to allow the blue - orange transition to carry on until complete and then go into red if we’ve moved to Cue 3 before it’s completed. How can I achieve this?

I hope what I’m after makes sense!