"Rewind" effect

Has anyone here have any ideas on how to express via lights and accompany a rewind sound effect, for when a scene rewinds back to a point?

I have ideas for alternately sweeping the two moving lights from stage left to stage right, but it all seems so disconnected.

  • Hmmm,

    thats a hard one ; )


    - What is the Start Szene looking Like

    - What is the End szene looking like

    - Are there Actors on Stage


    I would say that only with light it is hardly to express.

    If there is an Actor on Stage, passing the Stage left->right it could be reversed and light could do the same. (Followspot)

    If there is Wind on the Stage, i could blow in the other direction. (Goborotation reversed)

    Same with Clouds... (Gobos)

    If there is a rowl-out of the light, it could become a rowl-in.

    And so on so so forth. But with static light; i can't think of anything right now.

    It sounds realy interesting. So let us keep informed what you did. I am very curious.

  • Maybe this is too simple but... 

    If you have multiple rows of backlights you could do a fast chase of these from DS to US through the rewind sound, mimicking its speed and repeating the pattern through the rewind, then landing in the ending state cue.  Or if you have lights that are at 45° from all sides (45° from front on SR, then 45° from front on SL, then 45° from back on SL, then 45° from back on SR) you could do a chase similar to the above one that circles the stage.
    Good luck and hope this helps.
  • Aha, you mean like the funny strips you see when rewinding a video-tap.

    Nice Idea.

  • I hadn't thought of that but that's a nice analogy. Slight smile

  • It's for the Clue: On Stage play, and it's particularly when Mustard says "You have it all wrong, it happened like this...", then they 'rewind'.

    I had a third idea having our two movers 'sweep' alternating (on, make a pass, off, go to start, on, make a pass, etc) from SL to SR as the actors 'rewind'.  This depends if the movers can move fast enough.

    I've attached two ideas I have so far.  Can't get time on the light board until this weekend due to the Xmas show in there right now.

    Lights rewind idea 1.pdfLights rewind idea 2.pdf

  • Thanks!  That does bring another idea to the table. I'm trying to picture the coverage we have on stage and how I can apply something like you describe.  I'll sketch it out so I have it on paper for when I can get time in the theater.

    We have some LEDPARs that I can maybe use for a chase with color, coinciding with the front lights.  Dim the stage, fast chase in the blocked space from 'finish' to 'start', then slowing down as they approach the start.  Would have to be carefully timed and actors would need to mostly be in time.  I suppose I could have a manual stop on this as they reset.

    It's all down to what I can do in the time given combined with what the director likes.  I'm trying to program this offline as well to get a headstart.

  • Having another idea, that I'm putting in here so I remember before I sketch it out in rocketbook.

    Have the movers begin at Mustard saying "Wait a minute...", then have them swoop out into the audience (quickly or dimmer so they don't hurt eyes) in conjunction with the LEDPARs/down lights in a chase and they all finish at the restart of the rewind.

    This is a fun challenge and I appreciate your help.

    I also have to do lightning and a brown out, but those seem simpler.