Issues with v3.1.0 on an iPC

I am using an iPC with the 3.1.0 release. After a while of having only the groups window and the patch window open, I was having bad slowdowns. Eventually it got really bad and I decided to restart the playback instance. When it came back up, both the Effects button and the Intensity button leds were lit. They were stuck on even though I could press any other one of the buttons and the software reacted but it wouldn't reflect the change. I rebooted the console and it was fine after that. (see pic attached.)

Second thing, I was trying to record some desk channels onto the fader that the grand master was on. (fader 1). It came up with a server busy error. Recorded it to the second fader and it went. (see pic) 1614

Third thing, Had some studio spots, adjusted their positions and tried to record to a position directory. Got a server busy error. Reboot fixed it and I was able to record to it after that. (see pic) 1634
  • Hi Ryan,

    Can you describe your slowdown issue? Were your keystrokes taking a long time to register on the command line? Was there a delay in playback when pressing go or flashing a master? Did you attempt to close the patch window to see if the slowdown would go away?
  • At the time of the first slowdown, I only had the patch window open on the right screen, full screen, and the left screen had the groups open on the left half. I had the highlight key on, and I was clicking the far left selection cell to highlight them and record them into groups. Nothing special, maybe had one or 2 lists playing just conventionals at full for worklight. After a while, clicking on the selection cells began to become really slow. I would click it, it would grey a little bit then about 2 to 3 seconds later it would become blue. I tried closing it, but then the console became really slow to even just respond. Even keystrokes registering in the command line. So then I decided to reset the playback instance. I did not try flashing or playing/releasing any lists. There wasn't any effects running, only a list or 2 of just conventionals at full, nothing special.
  • So far I have not been able to detect any kind of memory leak or high cpu utilization with the fixture window or group directory. I am still working on it. Is there any small chance the list directory was open?
  • Nope. It wasnt.

    Well After being here for 10 minutes I had another issue. The console has been on overnight. I plugged in a switch and an AP into the ipc. I opened the config>network config window, thought I needed to be logged out to change it fron internal adapter to the enet, so I logged back out, opened the network config window and realized it was set to the enet. Started my show again, went back to network config to change the ip addressing. First time set it to use custom ip settings, enabled dhcp and boot. closed it. Reopened it because my laptop doesn't like getting 169 ip addresses, so I changed it to for the console ip. As soon as I hit apply, the window took about 10 seconds to turn into a shaded state, cell by cell, then the please wait while it is configuring popped up. another 10 seconds later it went away then a window popped up with the error in the attached picture. Today I will try to figure out if I can find any common slow down point.
  • Are you using a DP2000 in your system?
    Disconnect all unrequired laptops or networked components and see if your lag is still an issue.

  • No other items besides the console, connected to an AP with a 10/100 netgear switch, and my tablet. The first day these issues were happening, I did not have anything connected to the console at all. It was only until this morning when I added the networking gear and tablet.

    After this issue, I was having more and more problems. I switched to my backup iPC (running 3.1.0) which was much faster. Guessing something was wrong in the install maybe? But I did keep having random points when it would just slow down, take about 10-20 seconds then be back up to speed. I also got a couple of random commit to database failed errors. I believe the most common window open was the groups window. Towards the end of the night I had the cuelist window open along with the groups, color pallet, and position pallet.