RDM - Talkback Information


Is RDM / Talkback enabled on the DL1?

If so, can anybody direct me toward some documentation?

In particular, I need to know what kind of information we can get back from the DL1.

It the "current pan/tilt motor positions" available this way?

  • Hi Sebastien,

    This feature is not enabled for the DL.1, and there is not talkback from the fixture. If you are using a lighting console that will show a raw DMX window which shows DMX output from the console you can get information that way, but it is only is only DMX values. I'm not sure how helpful that would be to you.

  • What I need (or wish) is to get "actual" pan/tilt controller positions as the DL1 (or DL2, I have both actually) is moving.

    For example, if I say move from PAN=0 to PAN=60000 (DMX values) in 10 seconds (using MSPEED), I would expect to get from the talkback the pan DMX value gradually incrementing from 0 to 60000 during 10 seconds.

    Can this be done, if not on the DL1, maybe on the DL2?

  • Sebastien,

    We don't have RDM implemented in the DL.1 or DL.2 but are starting to add it to some of our newer fixtures.

    Also, the information you are expecting back from the lights really isn't that practical via RDM and is unlikely to be implemented by any manufacturers in that way. It could technically be done, but you're going to have trouble monitoring it with a very high resolution update...and how much use would it really serve?

    If you want to get more detailed information on RDM implementations, I'd also suggest you check out the RDM Developer forums at: www.rdmprotocol.org You'll find that although there is a lot less traffic than this site, it is closely monitored by many in the RDM community.