Colorsource Spots failing

I have a number of Colorsources Spots that are around 4 years old and recently I have had 3 fail and need to be repaired. the issue is 3.3-volt rail shorted. Replaced control card. They are part of the house hang so they don't get moved around often, they however do get power 24/7. Is it just the age catching up? Thoughts?

  • Hey Pat,

    I'm sorry to hear that your CS Spot fixtures are having some issues with powering on.

    Would you be able to gather the Serial Numbers of the fixtures and give us a call at 608-831-4116?
    When doing so, please make sure to reference Notification #: 300972364
    It may be faster to continue troubleshooting this over the phone.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Hi, the CS spots have been fixed. ETC service rocks. I was just wondering if anyone might have any ideas why this might be an issue for me or if this is something that has been happening to others.

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