Colorsource Spots failing

I have a number of Colorsources Spots that are around 4 years old and recently I have had 3 fail and need to be repaired. the issue is 3.3-volt rail shorted. Replaced control card. They are part of the house hang so they don't get moved around often, they however do get power 24/7. Is it just the age catching up? Thoughts?

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  • Hi Pat- One of the theaters I work at had 2 CS spots fail this way. They have power coming from independent parked dimmer channels at Full, so the fixtures only get power when console is powered up. in our case, both 3.3 and 5v rails are at zero, but 56 volts is coming into the board. If you want to be super safe, put relay modules in your sensor rack and let them feed the power to the LED fixtures.

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