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So the college I work for has 63" 6 cell Vivid R cyc lights and it seems that when we record it, with a color, to a submaster, it won't display that color right away. As we move the fader up it'll mix from a pinkish color and then become the desired color we assigned it.  We've tried to make it an intensity master but no such luck.  


Also, we recorded them within a cue and noticed that they delayed a bit displaying the color and had to step through different shades of say red or blue before it displayed the red or blue color we assigned it.


Is this normal? Or does a technician need to look at it? Could a simple reset of the lights be all that it needs?


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  • Your fixtures are doing what they should be. This sounds like you are seeing it mix from white to the color you want. This is because The default values for all of leds when they are in their home values are 100% for each colored emitter ie...”white” but with the master intensity at 0%. If you are mixing to a color like purple you are going to watch all of the leds not used like cyan and green fade from 100 to 0 or whatever lower level as your reds and blue remain the same of shift slightly. This is likely why you see a shift from white to tints of that color to the color you programmed. We can have you set a home present that will save the default values as 0 so it mixes the way you want.

    Which console are you on and what software version.

  • Sure, could you tell me how to set a home preset? I'm on a Gio@5 and version 2.6
  • Also, do you have an idea why they would step through intensities of a specific color? They've only started doing this recently
  • This is the default values in grey for the LEDS.



    Select all of the channels your Vivids are in, or any LEDs that are doing this.
    Type Channel X COLOR @ 0

    Select Last Color 11Record Preset 999 Enter (Or any number you want).


    Then in Desk Settings (Not my screen looks a little different because I'm on 2.7) Type 999 or whatever you numbered it into Home Preset.

    Now when you hit Channel Home Enter your values will have grey 0.  Realize if you put a master intensity and have all of your LED colors at 0, no light will come out until you apply color information.


  • Do they only step in a a cue? Perhaps you have some timing on the lights or a different curve in the board? If you have the showfile send it over. Or if you can take a video of the lights "Stepping" please do so. Power cycling the fixtures is never a bad idea. How are you powering the fixtures, 120V wall power, a relay, constant circuit or a dimmer at full (Which is not recommended)?
  • We power the fixtures through dimmers. My ATD and I just went into the showfile and went through the cues and it looks like they're operating fine, which is odd because this past weekend they were still delaying within the cue and stopping when they were being used on our bump buttons. Could the weather or building wifi throw off the network?
  • I'm glad everything is working as it should now. Unless you are doing dmx wireless I don't think wifi would be causing an issue. And unless your space is over 104 Degrees I don't think it's the weather. if that step issues comes back let us know and document it.
  • Excellent. Thank you, will do! We keep checking it when we come in every morning. So if it happens again I'll video it
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