How can I track through a Qonly?

Suppose I make a change to a sequence, Qonly.  That works fine, but the channels used in the Qonly will no longer track past the Qonly.  Is there a way to make Qonly not impact the following cues?  I can use a preset and it will track by changing the preset.  What I would like is something like @Group-Cue that would set the values to the other cue.  Any way to get that?

  • Not sure what you're saying.....

    Did you insert a Block?

    Block will prevent values from Tracking. Remove the block and all is well.


    Tracking mode will allow values to Track through. You can either set the console in Tracking Mode or use the Track button.


    If you want channels 5-10 in Q9 to look like they did in Q8, you can: (5) [Thru] (10) [Recall From] [Cue] (8) [Enter]

    Does any of that help?

  • No, there is no block.

    Say channel 1 is at 60% starting in cue 1 and tracking through cue 10.  I change it to 70% and it tracks thru cue 10.  Suppose I change it to 50% Qonly in cue 2 , meaning it stays at 70% in cue 1 and 3-10.  I now change it to 80% in cue 1 and want that to track thru to cue 3-10.  It won't do it because of the change in cue 2.  I want cue 2 to stay at 50%, but cues 3-10 to change to 80%.

    RecallFrom is a manual operation, not tracking.  If I change channel 3 in cue 3 Qonly, 4 in cue 4 Qonly it becomes tedious to do it with RecallFrom. 

  • That's just the way tracking works- if you put a move instruction in the middle of a series of tracked values, then the tracking starts over from the new move instruction.

    One way to get what you want- build your cues with intensity palettes or presets. Then the levels will always reference the palette or preset, even if you drop in a Qonly move instruction in the middle of the cue list..

    This becomes very unwieldy if you have a lot of cues, though.


  • Am I on the wrong track here (!) If I'm in 'Cue Only' mode and want stuff to track when I save/update a early cue don't I use the [Cue Only/Track] button? Similarly if I'm 'Tracking' but go to an earlier cue and want to change only it and nothing downstream, use that same button again.

  • You are correct - the QOnly/Track key reverses the action (for that command only) from the tracking mode that you are in.

    So if you are in Tracking mode, QOnly/Track will record your changes "cue only".

    If you are in Cue Only mode, QOnly/Track will allow your changes to track.

    This is not quite relevant to what Rick wants to do, which is to have a tracking value that is interrupted by a cue-only move instruction retain the link to the first move instruction.


  • If you're in Cue Only mode, the button is a Track button.

    If you're in Tracking mode, the button is a Cue Only button.

    but values will only track so far as that value remains unchanged. In your example, you'd need to update Q1 and Q3>Track. There is no way for the console to assume you mean otherwise. If it did what you say it should do, you could have Q348 be changed because channel 1 was also at 70%. There is no way for the software to know, so it stops when values change.

  • Oh right. Thanks for sorting that out Todd.

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