Fader page up and down macro

Hi Guy's!

Any idea how to make a Macro to change no specific fader page but to go 1 page down? There is button on the desks witch changes the pages up,  I would also need to opposite one.

  • I am not in front of the console I work on but I would try *Fader page previous* and *Fader page next*.  I have set up a macro for our GIO that sets the page to one of the four that we use using the on console buttons and then sets the color of the button so you know what one is active.  If you want that macro it can be expanded to however many you want.

  • I would appreciate a lot if You could share it. 

  • Will send it over once I can get into the theater.  My school is using it for a talent show but the calendar says they should be done soon and if not I know it is free this afternoon.   Are you using a console for this?  If so do you want the part that sets the on console buttons' colors so you know what one is selected?

  • My client with Gio@5 asked this. He was trying to make it with no success and I was trying to make it but couldn't also figure it out. So I was hoping to have an example. The colors aren't so important, he just wants to go up and down.    

  • Ok.  These are set up for a gio so they should be the same.  Just look at what macros match up to the face panel ones.  I am back in the theater in around a hour so will send it over then 

  • Thanks Ueli! Yes, these are hard key's but in PC? 

  • And in PC neither of those will change the page of faders? Or am I doing something wrong?

  • you don't have any faders on the PC, or do you?

  • I will try it tomorrow with faders, didn't had faders when I tried with PC.

  • Hi Ueli!

    Hmm.. I have up and down buttons on my wing so it's kinda pointless with physical wing to make additional macro for that. Also on the screen I have buttons for doing that but still there are some peculiar things happening with faders and PC.  I'm too lazy/busy to describe it here and it might be that it seems strange to me as I'm not everyday user. My client knows about the hard keys, he was just asking about how to make a macro for that, so I guess I will tell him to use the hard key's and not to waist time on that. 

    Thanks! And see You around!


  • If you have hard keys, I’m sure that you could use the learn button to very quickly put that action into a macro. If he asks again...

  • We tried that without no success. The hard key [Fader Page] gives You macro "FaderPagePress" which actually does nothing. And [SHIFT]+[Fader Page] gives You macro "Fader_Page_Back" but it also does nonthing at least if I treid on PC with wing connected.

  • this button is for the internal faders (e.g. Gio@5, Gio, Ti).

    for paging fader wings you should be able to use the softkey {FaderWing Page} that can be found in the macro editor. not sure if you can page up and down or if you need a page number. i'm also not sure what happens if you try learning the paging buttons on a Eos Standard Faderwing or an Eos Motorized Faderwing...

  • Oh, too bad. TIL.

    Looking through the Eos manual, on page 567-568 it lists the OSC commands related to the faders. Fader_Page_Back makes an appearance, but not any kind of "Fader_Page_Next" or "Fader_Page_Forwards" or anything like that. You can definitely record macros that take you to specific pages by holding down the fader page button and a number, which shows up as

    FaderPagePress 3 FaderPageRelease,

    and I have some macros that I've built in the editor as Ueli describes, which show up in the editor as

    FaderWing_Page 1.

    There's also holding down the fader page button and using page up and page down, which I think I remember only affecting the display of the fader ribbon in the PSD, but I've never tried it on a desk with an internal or external fader wing. It shows up in the editor as

    FaderPagePress Page_Up FaderWing_Page 2 FaderPageRelease.

    I've tried deleting the commands that reference specific fader pages, which turn it into a macro that does nothing.

    Still no idea how to make a macro that changes the fader page in the virtual faders, unless you do it with a snapshot, which would have the same problem of referencing a specific page instead of something that can index next/last.

    That's everything that I've been able to learn in the last hour or so. Hope that something in there can inspire someone to come up with a real answer, but I'd probably just use the hard keys.