Why does the first Go on a cue list include an Assert?

I hate when I have manual data that gets lost when pressing Go on a cue list. I want to be able to have a Cue list in my show that has no effect at all on anything other than a specific channel. Is this even possible?


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  • Of course, but that’s needed every time. Sometimes I just have a 2 Cue Cuelist that turns haze on, or an NDI stresm into Hippo. Should I have to Capture a whole look everytime someone needs to turn on haze?

    I wonder why the Assert is there in the first place.

    I’d say, let the user manually Assert if needed and have all Cue List stay out of the way of manual data - unless there’s a move instruction of course.

  • I think you'll need to share a show file / screenshot of your cues to get the most helpful answers. Something isn't quite lining up. I think I'll try to redirect this thread in a different way...

    What is you're wanting to accomplish? By my notes so far you're wanting to make a cue list to execute certain parameters of channels and not make any other data changes? That's fairly basic programming, but I'm more curious to discover if it's the best/easiest way to accomplish your goal.

    Also what console are we looking at here? What magic sheet / macro buttons/ faders do you have available to you?

  • So the answer I got from the question of “Why do my manual intensity values go to 0 when pressing Go on a cuelist?” was basically that when pressing Go on the first Cue in a List, it will always include an Assert.

    I don’t ask for anything other than to leave manual data as is, when executing Cues that aren’t affecting the manual data. So that when I’m creating a look, a list with something utility related like haze for example (or anything else for that matter) will not force all manual intensity data to 0%. 

    Basically I want my other Cue Lists to stay out of my way. Don’t affect data that doesn’t belong to you.

    As for console, I have an Eos Ti.