Fixture profile not correct - Martin ERA 800 Performance

I'm working with some Martin ERA 800 Performance fixtures on an ION XE and have discovered that some of the attributes are not mapped properly in the fixture profile.  What I've found:

- On the color wheel, what is displayed on the console is opposite of what the fixture is outputting. 

Slot 1 - fixture outputs red, console shows deep blue

Slot 2 - fixture outputs med. blue, console shows deep orange

Slot 3 - fixture outputs deep green, console shows lavender

Slot 4 - fixture outputs lavender, console shows deep green

Slot 5 - fixture outputs deep orange, console shows med. blue 

Slot 6 - fixture outputs deep blue, console shows red. 

- Zoom min is actually max and vice versa 

- Strobe min is max and vice versa

Is this something that I should try to correct using the console fixture profile editor or does this warrant reaching out to have a new/updated profile to be created by ETC support?

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